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Sad Moment

We are delighted to have you. Hello how are you. Mothers and fathers, grandma and grandpa. Wheels on the bus go round and round. Five little ducks went swimming one day. over the hills and faraway. Mother Duck said quack quack quack quack but only little one came back. Daddy Duck said quack quack quack

Another world

Hello Beautiful. Day is beautiful lovely kind and forgiving. The Lord is all you need. He is our provider protector and guide. He is powerful the ultimate. Yes Is there another world where we can live, just live, and not worry about anything, where all people are kind and honest, where there’s no sickness, no

Beauty and Kindness

These two attributes are awesome to see. What a beautiful world! Thank you Lord for all the things you’ve given to us. Thank you for the sights all around. Thank you for loving us even if we are not able to be good followers. We always fail, we always do things that we do not