Fall Rise Haikus


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fall rise

fall rise

Down we tumble fast,
But with each new step we take,
We rise up at last.

Through trials we fall,
But with each new day we find
Strength to rise up tall.

Life’s journey is long,
We may stumble on the way,
But we rise up strong.

The path is winding,
But with each step we take,
We find our strength in rising.

The winds may howl loud,
But we stand tall and steadfast,
Rising through the storm.

With each new sunrise,
We find hope in our hearts and
Courage to rise up.

The road may be tough,
But we find our way through it,
Rising up anew.

Through darkness and light,
We find our way to the top,
Rising up with might.

With each fall we take,
We learn and grow stronger still,
Rising up again.

The journey is hard,
But we find our way through it,
Rising up with grace.

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